Voice Lessons

Private voice / vocal / singing / musicianship lessons in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.


“There is a different between talent and skill.  Talent is what you may be born with, but skill only comes after hours and hours and hours of perfecting your craft.” – Will Smith

I believe in teaching the whole person.  So while I’m called a voice teacher, I’m really doing more than that. I’m a confidence builder, a performance coach, a safe place.  I encourage my students to sing, write, play very basic piano when possible, sightsing, recognize intervals and find the key to any song.  MUSICIANSHIP, in a nutshell. I believe that it’s not enough these days to be a singer;  one must be a musician whose instrument is the voice.

I teach both adults and children, however I’ve REALLY enjoyed watching 8 year olds turn into 18 year olds, and my “babies” become adults and go off to college. Please contact me for rates and availability.